The Baby is made as a rod puppet with a loose fitting costume making it easy for you to make it walk, fall over etc. We can also make a trick puppet which cries a stream of water!

It can either be dressed in red to look similar to Mr. Punch or it can be dressed to look more like a baby. Please let us know which you prefer when you order.

If you have a preference for hair colour etc.then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements. Each puppet is fully lined to give it body and a brass ring is stitched on so it can be hung up inside the booth.

Prices start from £55 for a standard baby

Prices start from £80 for a crying  baby

Additional requirements may increase this price, but we will advise you of any extra costs involved in making your unique puppet.

Please click here for details of the Slapsticks and Swazzles we make for Mr Punch.


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