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Not only do we make puppets and booths, but we also make all the essential props and other necessary accessories Punch & Judy shows.

Swazzles £15 each

We only sell Swazzles to bona fide Punch & Judy performers. We do not sell them to children under any circumstances.

Slapsticks £15 each

Please let us know if you prefer the Slapstick to be joined in the middle or at one end.

Trident Slapsticks for the Devil £25 each

A Trident at one end and a Slapstick at the other, making it an essential prop for the Devil's battle with Mr Punch.

Gallows £30 each

String of Sausages £15

Stocks £50 each

An alternative to using the Gallows.

Coffin £50 each

Next Show Clocks from £40

The actual pice will depend on the size needed and the artwork required to be painted on it.